Read Unwinnable’s review of the ultimate Blaxploitation flick BLACK DYNAMITE!


Whassup honkies… here’s the full pilot episode of Black Dynamite, the animated series

My main man, black Dy-no-mite!


Aqua Unit Patrol Squad One is GO!

“The creative forces behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force are unhappy with the pilot of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the subsequent 99 episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

Also, there’s a new theme song:
Josh Homme & Alain Johannes - “Aqua Unit Patrol Squad One Theme” by 1077 The End

It’s official you honkies: Cartoon Network has picked up the Black Dynamite animated series


Listen up you jive turkeys and dirty honkies, Cartoon Network has officially picked up the Black Dynamite animated series, which features actors from the original film such as Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley and Byron Minns. The show will be directed by Carl Jones, who directed the spectacular Boondocks animated series and will bec coming to a TV near you in early 2012.

You wanted more? I wish I had more, but that’s all you suckas get.


Snake ‘n’ Bacon - Adult Swim pilot by Michael Kupperman

The pilot episode “PSST! Wanna See a Crime Scene?” originally aired on Adult Swim at 12:45 AM May 10, 2009. Snake ‘N’ Bacon is based on the hilarious comics written and drawn by Michael Kupperman.

You can read about the adventures of Snake ‘N’ Bacon in the comic Tales Designed to Thrizzle, which you can buy through Fantagraphics Books.


I love this show. Twisted humor with a sweet, yet oddly disarming 3D animation.