Transformers Prime - Comic-Con Promo

The Unicorn in the Garden

by William T. Hurtz

Based on the story by James Thurber, this is one of the best shorts made by UPA.

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9:

by Jake Armstrong

A terrifying alien creature on an alien planet, a courageous spaceman armed to the teeth with modern technology, what could possibly go wrong?. 


So let’s say you don’t just like awesome things, but also are a huge fan of Moebius and Druillet.  Well, don’t you worry, there’s a kick-ass music video for you as well!

The mad genius behind these two gems is named Steve Scott.  Here’s his merry website.

More animation here


Saturday morning cartoons: Pilot promo for The Real Ghostbusters

This is the original promo for the pilot of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon from 1986 that some of you may or may not remember. Damn that was a good cartoon, unlike the awful Filmation “Ghost Busters”. Fuck that show, copyright or not.

Thanks to Delsyd for the link

And while we’re looking back, why not revisit the Ghostbusters soundtrack.

Continuing the Review of the 100 Greatest Comics of the 20th Century,
Unwinnable presents…

Tales of Suspense #39 - First Appearance of Iron Man


Iron Man (1966) Above

Iron Man (1994) LOVE this theme song.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2009)

Iron Man Anime (Madhouse)

Iron Man / Spider-Man / Hulk (short CGI animation)

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010)


Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man 2 (2010)


Iron Man (movie)

Iron Man 2 (movie)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 


Iron Man: Extremis

MIGHTY THOR 1966 ep 1 PART 1

Part 2


First Look of the Day: First official clip from the upcoming seventh season of Futurama, set to premiere June 23 @ 10/9c on Comedy Central.

Check out Comedy Central’s Countdown to Futurama for brand new clips every day from now until June 23.



the skeleton dance

the clock strikes midnight, the bats fly from the belfry, a dog howls at the full moon, and two black cats fight in the cemetery: a perfect time for 4 skeletons to come out and dance a bit.

dir.: walt disney
animation / family / short

some facts:

- the 1st of walt disney’s silly symphony series.
- worried that he would be too dependent on mickey, walt disney wanted to diversify. carl w. stalling came up with the idea of producing “musical novelties” (which would later become “silly symphonies”). he even came up with the idea of the dancing skeletons for the 1st of the series (as a child he had seen an ad in “the american boy” magazine for a dancing skeleton and the image stuck with him).
- joseph barbera tells in his autobiography “my life in ‘toons: from flatbush to bedrock in under a century”, he saw “the skeleton dance” at the third balcony of the grand roxy theater in new york: “i saw it about 70 miles from the screen, but the impact on me was tremendous nevertheless. i saw these skeletons dancing in a row and in unison, and i asked myself: how do you *do* that? how do you make that happen?”
- “the skeleton dance” became the 1st cartoon that the cartay circle theater in los angeles ever showed.
- at the time, walt disney distributed his films through a company run by pat powers. but powers couldn’t sell it to distributors (who found the dancing skeletons odd and even gruesome). undeterred, disney was able to have the film screened at the carthay circle theater in los angeles, where it was a rousing success.

Continuing the Review of the 100 Greatest Comics of the 20th Century,
Unwinnable presents…

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 and the multi-media it inspired.


Fantastic Four (1967, Hanna Barbera, see Above)

Fantastic Four (1978, DePatie-Freleng series, with H.E.R.B.I.E.)

Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (Odd American Anime Series)


Fantastic Four (1994 - never released)

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer


Fantastic Four Radio Show (Bill Murray as Human Torch!)

Fantastic Four Video Game (1997)

Fantastic Four Movie Video Game (2005)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Movie Video Game (2007)